never dull shines it up


I know it’s been a wile… I’m sorry but I’m still here. So let’s get down to business. Remember this table and chairs? I scored it for 80$.


It was a real find EXCEPT the metal has a lot of superficial rust… I think you would call if “foxing” and the seats need to be reupholstered eventually.  As for the Foxing I have tried a bunch of things without much luck. UNTIL…..


I got Never Dull last week to polish some brass pieces and after using it for 10 min. realized it would totally work on the table and chairs. The results don’t come without a little elbow grease… but it’s doable & it 100% works.


See?! It’s better.  And the little spots that are still there I could totally get off with a little more work (but they are hardly visible in real life).


In unrelated events this guy came to live with us. It’s a Banana Plant they are striking and easy to grow, I highly recommend them. The burlap is to keep the cats from digging & peeing in the dirt. There monsters & I fall for their Tabby charms every time. So I live with the burlap.

Happy MLK Day!
xo M

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Use what you have: Simple wrapping paper decor

Hi ya. I ‘m back with a couple more wrapping paper ideas. These are not so much gift wrapping tips as they are decorating tips. Simple unfussy ways to jazz up your holiday entertaining.Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 12.42.11 PM

I created both of this ideas for Live Love Home. Go here to get the full story.  I love the fact that these ideas use what you have, require little (to no) skill and won’t take you any time to whip up. It’s also nice to mix things up with colors and patterns that aren’t obviously holiday… But honestly I just think its important to bring a since of sanity to holiday decor and entertaining. Keep it simple, its more fun for everyone!

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 12.45.38 PM

I have family visiting starting tomorrow but I’ll be back after the holidays… With all kinds of fun DIY’s.

But for now I’ll leave you with my montra as of late.

“Start where you are.

Use what you have

Do what you can.”

-Arthur Ashe



PS. all these beautiful photos are by Manuel Rodriguez. check out his work here

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Gift Wrapping for Dummies (with good taste)

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 9.39.18 AM

Hi! Hey! How are you? I have missed you… I’m fine, just busy.  Thanks for asking!

Guess what? I created this cool story, chopped full of great gift wrapping ideas. People, this is not your grandmas gift wrapping.

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 6.20.01 PM

If you have no box.

If the gift you are giving is a weird shape .

If the gift you are giving would be weird in a box, because it’s socks or something little, but you still want to make it presentable.

If you’re gifting a gift card or money.

I got you!

For the full how 2 go here  & LIKE IT, PIN IT, SHARE THE LOVE!

All this beautiful Photography is by Manuel Rodriguez



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Pondering A New Light DIY

A few weeks back I showed you the light I made for our dining room. It was harder to build than I expected but ultimately worth the effort!

I’ve been sketching and thinking AAAANNNND I’m ready to do it again!  This time I have my eye on replacing the over head light in our living room. I wanna try mixing in a few new materials this time, like a chunky brass chain and some leather. Here’s a sketch of  what I’m thinking…

See the leather part? I’m thinking it will be Ox Blood colored… Oh and the shape of the leather sling part will be more refined looking that it is in  this quick sketch, but I’m too tired to fuss with it now…

Stay tuned for more details and the how 2… A new light is coming to Town!



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A Garden Bathroom…

I’m assuming this was a set because, well why would one do this? How would you keep grass alive let alone that coy pond… I think it’s form a vintage 17 Magazine. The 70’s were crazy!  Perhaps HGTV should put this image in a mood board for one of those bathroom makeover shows? Until I have something real to tell you about I will leave you to ponder and discuss this insanity!
Happy Friday!


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I like, it but can I live with it?

Well, its been going on one week of working from home due to Super Storm Sandy.  I’ve had a LOT of time, maybe too much time, looking at the white walls in our living room.  But what color to paint them? I’m sick of gray walls and I wanted something unexpected but friendly… All this started over the weekend when I painted that pagoda mirror gold and realized that the wall color needed some help… With that in mind, I got excited about this room in Steven Gambrel’s Sag Harbor residence.

Steven Gambrel’s Sag Harbor residence.

So off to the paint store for a can of Echo (UL250-3) by Behr.  I’m not unhappy with the color it’s the perfect off purple/gray BUT it’s bold… the question is can I live with all this purple? I painted one wall and quit for 24 hours to consider my options but boredom & curiosity compelled me to finish painting the room Sunday.  So what do you think? Is this color insanity in the context of our 4 room apartment or should I go with it?

Help me!




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I’ll Be Your Mirror

I found this mirror back in September and I was never 100% sure about painting it. After a couple of months of living with it, I decided to take the leap and paint her gold. The white was a little bit grimy and I though the architecture of the mirror would read better with in a darker color. After tossing around a few options, I landed on gold because it seems more versatile then a “color”. Oh, and I had a can of gold spray paint already… so it was the easy choice.

I used Golden brand spray paint in Montana Gold. There are so many good spray paints on the market now, so look around at the hardware store or at an art supply store. Golden is one of my favorite brands (sold in the art supply store) they make a bunch of great colors and the metallic paints look like metal when they dry. I always like to pick a quality paint it makes such a big difference in the final result. As a side note, don’t even bother trying to paint something like a pagoda mirror with anything but spray paint… it will take forever and probably won’t look very good!

And Done. Now I just have to figure out what color to paint the wall!



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